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Intana Bioscience nominated for the German Industry Innovation Prize
Martinsried, Germany, December 7th, 2011Intana Bioscience is among the 5 finalists of the 2011 “Innovationspreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft” German Industry Innovation Price". Employing single molecule sensitive spectroscopy Intana analyses the affinity and selectivity of drug candidates to their respective target in a physiological environment. Based on this technology, the company has recently launched a kinase screening platform that allows to scan the entire human kinome for the binding profile of drug candidates and to identify their potential off targets. The results are of great value to prioritize therapeutic agents with favorable profile for further development and such are important to stratify and rationalize the time consuming and expensive process of drug discovery. “Intana is the only service provider offering the complete human kinome and measurements in an cell-like environment; by this we bridge the gap between cellular and biochemical assays, which helps to generate reliable data. The nomination underscores the value of innovative research in the Biotech Industry and is a great honor for our company” says Stefan Hannus, cofounder and managing director of Intana Bioscience. The project was supported by a grant of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. The finalists will be awarded during a gala in Frankfurt in February 2012.

Intana Announces Agreement to Provide Proprietary Spectroscopy Technology
Martinsried, Germany, July 7th, 2010. Intana Bioscience GmbH announced today that it has entered an agreement with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., Beerse, Belgium.  Under the agreement, Intana will provide its proprietary Fluorescent Cross Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS) technology platform to screen for small molecule inhibitors of a set of target proteins.
FCCS is a spectroscopic method to measure the interactions of molecules in solution, based on the sensitive detection of single molecules. The proprietary technology of Intana Bioscience allows FCCS to be performed in cellular lysates, thereby characterizing the interactions between small molecules and their target proteins in approximately physiological conditions.
In the course of this collaboration, Intana will develop assays and establish a medium to high throughput screening platform for drug discovery projects at Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. Additionally the technology will provide access to the binding kinetics of identified inhibitors, in support of lead optimization


High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and BioM AG to invest in Intana Bioscience GmbH
Bonn/Landshut/Planegg July, 06, 2009. Intana Bioscience GmbH announces that High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF), Bayern Kapital (SFB) and BioM AG jointly invested a total of 650,000 € in the start-up company.  Based on its proprietary fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy (FCCS) Intana offers highly-specific biochemical profiling services for companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science industries. FCCS is an interaction analysis based on a single molecule sensitive spectroscopic approach. The technology is extremely well suited to characterize molecular interactions between active ingredients, targets and off targets in cellular lysates. So far, the technology has been successfully employed for customers from the pharmaceutical industry in their drug discovery and development efforts. FCCS can be employed as an efficient tool to determine dissociation- and rate constants.
“Customers benefit from short assay development times, in depth interaction analysis and assay conditions that mimic the natural environment of a drug.” says Dr. Stefan Hannus, founder and managing director of Intana Bioscience GmbH. “Since we can work in cellular lysates our technology circumvents the need of protein purification. In addition, we do not need an activity assay,  thus enabling us to work with targets, that cannot be efficiently addressed with current drug discovery technologies.”
“The funding will enable us to expand the application of our technology into additional fields, with the aim to establish and develop a stable business with a unique set of services for biotech- and pharmaceutical companies.” says Dr. Frank Becker, founder and managing director of Intana Bioscience GmbH. “The positive feedback from our customers convinced us, that the high quality data we generated indeed addresses the current needs of target based drug discovery.”
Dr. Michael Nettersheim, Investment Manager of the High-Tech Gruenderfonds Management GmbH comments: “It’s anything but new that drug developers demand for technologies which characterize novel compounds much quicker and more precisely. Intana’s FCCS-technology not only shortens development times but also makes any new target easily accessible under almost physiological conditions. Our investment accelerates the development of FCCS into additional and advanced applications.”
Andreas Huber, Investment Manager of Bayern Kapital GmbH, adds: “ Intana's innovative technology helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to determine interaction between novel compounds and their  targets independent  of the nature of the molecules and their function. Since protein purification is not required anymore assay development times are shortened which also means to save costs during the expensive drug development process.”

We recently published with our customer Merck KGaA the use of FCCS to support the identification of Methionine Aminopeptidase-2 (MetAP-2) inhibitor M8891.

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